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Name Relationship / Title Current Shares Trading Activity
arnold james robert jr. Officer 212,156 View
barbarosh craig a. Director 62,593 View
Bostick, Scott E. Officer 46,813 View
bristol george h Director 55,847 View
frantz john r Officer 111,844 View
klapstein julie d Director 9,189 View
leavitt jocelyn Officer 17,091 View
linton jeffrey d Officer 0 View
malone james c Director 40,603 View
margolis jeffrey h Director 63,457 View
metcalfe david a Officer 46,813 View
morefield daniel Officer 21,859 View
panner morris Director 39,128 View
pflueger russell Director 29,177 View
plochocki steven t Officer 11,122 View
puckett steve Officer 5,794 View
razin sheldon Director 10,237,374 View
rosenzweig lance Director 43,046 View
stumpf john k Officer 14,887 View

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